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2020 Reprieve Realignment Replay

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2020 Reprieve Realignment Replay


Tammy Ellis

Hi, I am Tammy Ellis. I am a Mind, Body, and Soul Coach, I help women align their mind, body and soul. So that all parts of them are working toward the same thing. It is deep work. I start by teaching them how to tap into that deeper part of themselves. The light of who they truly are. There, they find the things that their soul is yearning for. There, they can find their natural gifts and talents. Those things that their heart and soul really want. I guide them on how to really OWN these because oftentimes these are things that they have hidden because it makes them different than everyone else. They are the things that lead them to their passion and purpose. When you own these it pulls you back into alignment. You start to show up in the world as who you truly are instead of the way the world around you tells you, you should be. Which can lead to their unique Passion, Purpose and Path. They start to feel free.
I do this by taking them through a process in 1 on 1 coaching sessions. I have created this process on my own journey of over 25 years of seeking and searching for my purpose.

About the course

What do you want from the remainder of 2020? This year has been a challenge, to say the least. But the year is not over. We still have time to make new choices and to redirect our time, attention, and energy toward a stronger sense of freedom, balance and joy. In this workshop, you'll be guided through a variety of meditative, reflective, and creative practices, along with group discussion, to explore where your soul is inviting you to go next. How else can you expand personally and spiritually this year?

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