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Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Tammy.

At the age of 19, I was about to be married…to a man 9 years older.

Then I learned I was pregnant.

Many told me I was making two of the biggest mistakes of my life.  

I knew differently.  


I look back at that young girl and am so proud of her for NOT listening to the fearful voices around her, and am so glad.., she listened to herself and what she knew to be true. It’s now over 25 years later and I’m still happily married to that man and we have three amazing children.

Have there been ups and downs? Absolutely.  But when I listen to myself, that’s a game-changer.  Those downs become ups.

I have a hunch it’s a game-changer for you too.

The Good Employee

Like a good devoted Virgo child, I’ve worked for the same company for over 25 years. I love working there. But there were times when I didn’t.  

One day I was told there were cutbacks. The good news…I’d still have a job. The bad news…they chose between me and another employee – a single mother with 5 children.  I felt horrible and I had to do the job of 2 people. UGH! Talk about a guilt-fear sandwich!  There was chaos inside of me. Not only did I feel horrible about the mom losing her job, but I felt like I was going to fail in my increased role. I was overwhelmed. Not productive. Couldn’t focus. I was moving in a downward spiral. I made bad hiring choices and I became the bad manager I feared I’d be. In one of those “brings you to your knees moments,” I asked myself what I should do. The answer… “my job was not the end all be all, there was more to life.” This made me laugh. It gave me peace.  It gave me perspective. It made me stronger. It also reminded me that my inner wisdom is my superpower.

My Calling

I’ve always had a deep longing to serve and do something significant. Throughout my life, this longing lead me to follow the teachings of many thought leaders and religions, where my mantra was to “take whatever feeds your soul and leave the rest.”  (You could say I’m a spiritual mutt!). This same spiritual seeking lead me to become a coach and help women to tap into their inner wisdom, so you don’t have to be stuck in your fear, stress and overwhelm.  

Like many things in my life, my path to life coaching was sprinkled with some struggle – I found an amazing coach program, figured out how to pay for it, but was then met with the challenge that registration was sold out. (Aaaakk! What the what?! &#%@?!  How could I have been so drawn to this program for THIS to happen?) Being the quiet, yet tenacious person I am, I followed up with the company and explained my intense desire to enter the program. Within days a spot opened up and I was on my way to becoming a life coach under Dr. Martha Beck (yes, the same Martha Beck who is a New York Times best-selling author, and has a monthly column in O, The Oprah Magazine).   

The Same, But Better

Today I continue working in a manager role at the same company. Since my coach training, I have found great success – each year achieving Manager of the Year in my district. I also have a new found ability to handle stressful situations more easily. Situations, that in the past would have proven debilitating and fearful, became opportunities for me to use my coaching knowledge and excel.

Me, Helping You. Today.

Like that day when I was 19 and knew I was meant to have a healthy baby and successful marriage, today I know I’m meant to help you.

You’re the mom who works hard each day with little time for yourself,

You’re the woman who is so tough on herself, and

You’re the woman who has high expectations of herself, but feels held back.

I’ve always known what is right for me.  And you know what is right for you.

You just need someone to help you to quiet the noise so you can hear.

Hi, my name is Tammy

And I’m here to help you listen to yourself.


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